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Hair Caffe Signature

Mens Cut  




           ~Top Stylist     Kenji Marcy 

           ~Craftsman    Keisuke  Masa Michiaki


Womens Cut   





         ~Top Stylist    Kenji  Marcy


         ~Craftsman  ~  NY Dry Cut ~

                               Keisuke  Masa Michiaki







Hair Color   :  without Bleach

Highlight   :  no pastel color 


3D Color    :  no pastel color


Balayage Color  :  no pastel color 



  All services include hair cut




Color Only  

Highlight Only 

3D Color Only  


Balayage Only 



$320 up

$330 up



$300 up

$270 up

Air Wave          

Nano Digital Perm 


Creep Perm for Mens

​Air Wave for Mens 





Frozen Ice Japanese Hair Straight  

       with -20℃ Frozen ice Technology 

                     ~ 3.5~4 hours~



Sectioning Natural Hair Straight

    ~It straight but not too straight~





            All services include hair cut











Hair Caffe Signature
Hair Caffe Signature

Hair Caffe' believes in the true satisfaction of our customers hair care needs, if you get a chemical service with us and are unhappy for any reason, we will “fix” it for you free of charge up to 2 weeks!

2 week policy strictly enforced; inquiries for “fixes” proceeding 2 weeks will be denied independent of reason for “fixes”.

For our color we use product that contains herbal ingredients. Perm solutions are also integrated with Aquagold (water containing gold substance), all products we use are high quality.  We focus in delivering quality service with quality products.

Our all hair products are : Sulphate free, Paraben free
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