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Frozen Ice Japanese  Straight

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with -20℃​ Frozen Ice Iron Technology

  Hair Caffe prized service. Chemically changing the hair from within, this procedure recreates bonds within the hair to permanently alter the hair's chemical structure. Straightness is achieved by using the flat iron technique, keeping the hair structure in place permanently.

As the neutralizer works its way to neutralizing the hair, it produces heat in which the hair is being damaged.

By using the Frozen Ice (-20 celsius) it will maintain the temperature within the hair at around -10c to reduce the damage and preserving moisture resulting in silky and shiny hair.

At Hair Caffe we use solutions that contains herbs that's gnetle to the hair. Using 6 different types of hair straightening solution and gold infused Aqua Gold, plus 7 different vitamins we commit to provide straightening to meet customer's satisfaction.

Being one of the more difficult techniques, we have taken extra care with this service ; are stylists have trained extensively, some with experience of over 10 ~ 25 years.
** Both Yuko System and Milbon's Liscio systems used at Hair Caffe.​    Price : $460~50
0 (with Hair Cut)  3.5~4 hours


The world-renowned researchers of Phiten developed the breakthrough technology of water-soluble gold, Aqua Gold. This electrically stable water allows ingredients in hair solutions to permeate into the hair swiftly, minimizing damage from chemicals without compromising the health. All YUKO products use Aqua Gold to deliver the perfect harmony and balance in health, wellness and beauty to your hair.


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