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Air Wave Vita

The Air Wave is revolutionizing the perm, resulting in bouncy, wavy curls with minimal damage compared to any other type of permanent wave technique.
After the service, the hair feels softer, retains luster, and has more volume.

Customers will enjoy:
Shinier look
More Moisture, more than digital perm
A softer feel and texure
Waves that last 50% longer
All over healthier hair

Takes 2 ~ 2.5 hours
Lasts about 4 ~ 5 months depending on wave strength achieved


Air wave      vs    Digital perm

The difference between an Air Wave and the Digital Perm is the use of heat or air to reconstruct the hair.


Which hair textures are suitable for the Air Wave?

     ・Hair that are soft and want volume from the roots 

     ・ For those that are looking for a natural looking wave

       instead of ridgy curling iron type of curls

     ・ Hair that are damaged due to continuous coloring or



Which hair textures are suitable for the Digital Perm?

     ・ Hair that are coarse and those that easily lose their

        curls after perming

     ・ Those that are looking for a ridgy, curling iron finished



The outcome differs from individuals and the type of curl/wave they are looking for, but in general Air Wave will be softer and the Digital Perm will be more ridgier. Instead of choosing the two perms from which will be suitable, it will be determined by the hair texture and the type of curl/wave your are looking for. 



Air Wave will take approximately about 2.5 hours, and the Digital Perm will take about 3 hours.

エアウェーブとデジタルパーマの主な違いは熱でウェーブを固定させるか 空気の力で固定させるかが主な違いです



   髪質が柔らかく 根元からボリュームが欲しい 





   しっかりとした髪質で すぐにパーマがとれてしまう 



仕上がりは個人差とパーマの求める強さにもよりますが基本的にはエアウェーブは 柔らかく、デジタルパーマはエアウェーブに比べかたいしっかりとした質感です。 エアウェーブはカット込みで2時間半、デジタルパーマは3時間ほど施術時間はかかります。どちらが優れてるというよりは 髪質、求めるウェーブによりどちらかを選ぶという感じです。 



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