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      Owner / Craftsman

Michiaki  Kambara

Owner :  Craftsman

Blood Type : AB , Horoscope : Gemini , Lefty 

From Ehime prefecture

Graduated : Ehime Beauty College

Speciality  :  NY Dry Cut

Provides hairstyles to accompany the lifestyle for every indivisual with 20 years of experience in various techuniques from Japan, LA ,New York and San Francisco.

Different from ordinary haircut, his style doesn't cut hair when wet but specifically when dry. Looking at individual head shape and hair texture, he takes thin panels and cuts single strand at a time by taper. Giving out a highest level cutting technique to best suite each individual's style.

Emphasizing the needs of the clients, dedicate his passion into self producing the website, art work and interior design for the salon.


Hobby :  Art, Piano, Motorcycle, Tennis, Kick Boxing





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